Views of Nanterre
03 • 10 • 2019
Photo shooting of the new development of Nanterre — satellite city of Paris. The new residential development which encircles La Défence - one of the biggest European Business Clusters. Fresh and bright look for the residential blocks. Photos got featured on
Banner for twitter account about music events, based on the logo of the festival and official photo of the venue.
Twitter Banner - Private Request
12 • 08 • 2019
Les Étoiles Rares — Deuxième édition
29 • 05 • 2019
Thematic logo, a lot of visuals, graphics, animations, new website, photos, typography, brochures, love and support for my team and our luxurious charity project.
Dessin du Chateau Pape Clément pour les bannières et les avertisements animés
Website redesign to suite the new venue. Every Year we choose different Grand Cru Chateaux. This year it was Château Pape Clément. For this occasion I've decided to play with - violet blue and gold.
L'hippodrome de Maisons-Laffitte
12 • 05 • 2019
The symbol of the small city I live in, not far from Paris. Despite the petitions the hippodrome going to be closed by the end of the year
Paris + Music
27 • 10 • 2018
Personal logo and business card for a private request. Simple straightforward realisation which looks super fine both on the screens and paper.
Château de Vincennes
15 • 09 • 2018
C'était le beau jour pour faire le shooting du Château de Vincennes. A voir pour les touristes parisiens intermédiaires !

Premièrement c'est à Paris. Bien que tous les châteaux célèbres soient assez éloignés de Paris, même de Versailles. Ici on peut aller en métro #1. Encore c'est grand et vieux. Ce que j'aime, ce sont les joints des murs des XIVe et XVIIe siècles. Finalement, Vincennes est une ville lumineuse, propre et confortable avec un jardin botanique à quelques pas.

Lava wines
02 • 02 • 2018
Logo pour la la section special du site web qui raconte à propos des vins volcaniques.
Wine apps
27 • 10 • 2017
Landing page et infographies pour report sur l'étude de marché d'applications mobiles
Les Etoiles Rares
01 • 06 • 2017

Exquisite wine auction held in Bordeaux, France in favour of the people struggling with rare diseases.

• logo
• corporate style design
• branding starting from a scratch.
• mails
• press-releases
• communication
• banners
• photography
• typography
• full development and launch
• website development and support

#official #formal #clear
03 • 05 • 2017
infographics for
12 • 02 • 2017
Refurbishment of a wine and gastronomy blog for my Italian friend Giuseppe before applying for "Milessima Awards" Blog is hosted on the Blogger platform.
Task: Fresh and clear as possible.
22 • 01 • 2017
corporate presentation styling
private request
12 • 05 • 2016
Package design practice for a really great case study in my Business School. Concept: combine the dualism of agresive yet elegant volcanic vines from hot Sicilia Island.
15 • 01 • 2016
VINMODERNE: Logo, corporate style, web-design for the marketing consultancy firm as a case study in my Business School. Concept: create the bridge between traditional and innovative approach in the wine industry.

Wood carving stylised QR-Code is scannable from smartphones and forwards to the site of the company. Concept: teaser playing on the controversiality of traditional and innovative approaches

Logo design and a bit of packaging-design for a small study-case about wine glasses.


Small minimalist-design blog about wine and art. One of my favourite projects for my Business school. Occasionaly these blog is based on my pretty old designs, but together with our project team we inhaled a new life in it. After a small redesigns it served realy good job for us.
Concept: To gather cool wine label designs from artists all-around the word and post them randomly in the header while showing the links to designers pages.
Logo, styles, some food photography, polygraphy and web-design for a small Ukrainian home bakery.

The website is active now. It is hosted on the blogger platform, thus is fully functional and combines the features of blog and bakery shop

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