My name is Dimitri IAKYMUK pronounced [jæ kim uːk ] from Ukraine. Consistent in positively challenging your brand in order to maximize your brand identity and potential. To do that I have created my own experimental brand as an ambitious entrepreneur.

My Passion: From a very young age I have been passionate about graphic design where I started working with Photoshop 7.0 and 20 years later, I keep on improving my knowledge and skills.

My Determination: Additionally, I am a professional financial analyst. I've obtained two degrees in finance and put them to good use in order to gain experience in the corporate world. I was very fortunate to trust my loving parents who gave me the freedom to follow my passion but also to strengthen my experience in the real world.

My Growth: I never stop learning and I am a recent graduate of a Wine & Spirits Marketing MBA. It complements my background well as it is a competitive market that is can be quite niche and high volume at the same time. I consider it a noble sphere to practice various skills.

Today, I want to integrate all these components, in one entity, to promote and develop the businesses in the modern world. We live in the visual era of the informational noise, and it is important to understand what needs to be accentuated and what elements can serve as a strong support.

Always willing and happy to co-create on Branding, Brand Development, Communication and Budgeting strategies.

Looking forward to our collaboration


Les Étoiles Rares — co-founder

Les Étoiles Rares ( The Rare Stars ) – charity event for Rare Diseases Foundation, classy gourmet Gala Dinner with prestigious wine auctions that takes place in Bordeaux's most famous chateaux.
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Bordeaux Gastro Tours

Prestigious gastronomic tours specially created and curated for the Ukrainian TV star Julia Pankova. Everything around luxurious food and wine tour around French Aquitaine.
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